Tunnel Excavator

Liebherr Tunnel Excavators are special machines which can be used in all conventional types of tunneling applications:  After tunnel drilling machines have been used to create cross-tunnels, when explosives are being used for secondary profiling, and, of course, for direct excavator tunneling. Particular features of these machines are their economic operation, high performance, and reliability.
Crawler Exavator for Tunnel Application

  • Rotatable boom with 2 x 45° mounting
  • Hoses on the attachment laid on the sides and covered
  • Pipe routing on the attachment protected by metal plates
  • Special uppercarriage protection
  • Protective box made of stainless steel for all electronics and electrical modules on the uppercarriage
  • Power circuits protected by easily accessible automatic circuit-breakers
  • IP 65 protection for optimum protection against dust and moisture
  • All cables with high resistance insulation against mechanical and heat damage
  • Particle filter certified in accordance with VERT Standard
  • Special tunnel cab in heavy-duty design with seat made of artificial leather
  • FOPS and FGPS fitted as standard
  • Polycarbonate windows with high impact resistance on the right side and rear of the cab
  • 3000 mm dozer blade with cylinder protection as standard
  • Dirt scraper on undercarriage

R 924 Compact:

Engine performance: 130 kW / 176 HP
Displacement: 6,4 l
Operating weight: Approx.32,5 t
Max. break-out force: 135 kN
Max. digging force: 85 kN
Undercarriage: HD-SL
Max. drawbar pull: 260 KN
Travel speed: 0-3,2 km/h / 5,3 km/h

R 944 tunnel:

Engine performance: 190 kW / 258 HP
Displacement: 10,5 l
Operating weight: Approx.43,5 t
Max. break-out force: 172kN
Max. digging force: 129 kN
Undercarriage: HD-S
Max. drawbar pull: 336 KN
Travel speed: 0-2,8 km/h / 4,4 km/h

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