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Tunland is a high-end pickup with highly intelligent top configuration, strong power takeoff and accurate driving safety that can fulfill your multiple needs in fashion and personality.

Click here to download the technical specification.

Power Technology
Supreme Off-Road Performance

The maximum gradeability of 60 degrees or more; the full-load ground clearance of no less than 210 mm allowing higher trafficability and higher line of sight; the 4WD system.
4WD Off-Road Chassis

It has been comprehensively optimized with the technologies of the UK sports car and the Mira Corporation of Italy. The minimum full-load ground clearance of no less than 210 mm (230 mm for no-load) offers high stability and high trafficability to meet the requirements of forestry and mining jobs and other harsh off-road conditions.

Super Towing Capacity

The 2.25 t towing capacity is powerful enough to tow a small caravan, which makes your dreams come true and enables you to enjoy the real life anytime and anywhere.

The world’s best Cummins engine

smartly equipped with the one-stop high-speed electronic control module (ECM) and uniquely designed with four valves per cylinder and a centre fuel injector, provides dynamic power; The powerful torque output provides great gradeability and fast accelerating without having to downshift; The world-famous ZF transmission allows more efficient transmission, smoother gear shift and more flexible operation; The power steering system makes the manipulation easier and more convenient.

Friendly Configuration

With the SD card interface, you can directly enjoy the music in your SD card or download as much music as you please to satisfy your needs for entertainment and pleasure. The highly adjustable leather seats improve the ride/drive comfort. The high-end acoustics with four powerful Hi-Fi speakers rock you with a sense of theater. All these bring more fun to your off-road driving and give you another choice to enjoy the life.

It is equipped with the D-WDE intelligent driving system and comes standard with the CAN bus; it enables you to enjoy unlimited digital experience with its user-friendly functions like the GPS, road book, information, 3G and DVD media system; the dual-color dashboard is stylish, fashionable and sporty with all its buttons and knobs reasonably arranged for easy operation; the lines and shapes are beautiful and imaginative; the LED temperature and time displays highlight your personality and taste.

The sporty and adjustable three-spoke multi-function steering wheel integrates a variety of control functions to achieve easier manipulation. The dashboard is easily observable, which eases the fatigue caused by long-duration driving; and the crushable steering columns also help to eliminate potential safety hazards.

The power mirrors can be adjusted anytime and anywhere to effectively avoid blind spots, and they also act as turn signals to meet the requirements on different road conditions.

The front grille is designed with the wind resistance, air intake and radiator systems fully considered, which goes perfectly with the vehicle performance but remains stylish and graceful.

Safety Configuration

The dual airbags provide reliable passive safety; the high-strength body structure and the 1.2 mm body sheet metal improve active safety. Besides, it boasts of superior operability, greater ride/drive comfort and reliable stability and anti-roll capacity. The Bosch 4-channel ABS + EBD presents rapid, precise and smart braking performance.

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