Articulated Tandem Roller

Ammann AV X tandem rollers were developed to meet the demand of today’s road building projects worldwide to compact asphalt sub-layers and wearing courses as well as gravel and soil. The unique design reflects the combination of high-performance compaction and operator-safety and comfort

Benefits at a glance

  • Optimum view of the drum surface
  • Easy access to the sprinkler system
  • Spacious, extensively glazed cab
  • Clearly-arranged dashboard
  • Rotating and sliding driver’s seat
  • Protection through integrated ROPS/FOPS
  • Adjustable steering wheel and seat
  • Powerful, reliable engine
  • Two independent pumps for traction and vibration
  • Crab steering with 160 mm offset on both sides
  • Outstanding maneouvrability
  • Ideal vibration parameters

Pivot-Steering Roller

Ammann rigid frame tandem rollers provide outstanding compaction results on asphalt mixes as well as on mixed soils such as sand, gravel and processed soils. AVH Vibratory rollers are at home on medium and large road surfaces under construction (motorways, main roads, airfields) and construction site surfaces (industrial areas, etc.).

Benefits at a glance

  • Stepless speed adjustment
  • Three steering modes for max. maneuverability
  • Split drums for smooth asphalt compaction
  • Preset frequencies and amplitudes
  • Reliable water sprinkler system with triple filtration
  • Spacious cabin with two doors
  • Rotating seat and sliding ober the entire cabin width
  • All control elements within at easy reach
  • Optimum view of drum surface and edges (even at night)
  • Large water tank (710 l)
  • Large fuel tank (160 / 210 l)
  • Fingertip steering for comfortable and safe operation

Light Tandem Vibratory Roller

Ammann markets the only tandem rollers in the 1 to 2.5 tonne class that offer full-flush compaction on the right and on the left, double traction at front and rear, and double vibration at front and rear. No wheel supports to obstruct compaction work up against curbstones and walls. No need for subsequent compaction with smaller machines.

Benefits at a glance

  • Full side clearance right and left
  • Easy engine access
  • Teflon articulated joint with lifetime lubrication
  • Multiple water filtration
  • Foldable ROPS for easy transport
  • Two scrapers per drum

Walk-Behind Roller

Unique, versatile and economical, the AR 65 walk-behind vibratory roller is suitable for both soil compaction and asphalt application.

Two performance levels are available by simply adjusting the amplitude. The machine is powered by a high-capacity Hatz engine.

Benefits at a glance

  • Air-cooled diesel engine: powerful with low-emissions
  • Robust protective frame with central lifting point
  • Large, corrosion-free water tank (60 l) / water sprinkling for working on bituminous layers
  • Operator-friendly, low vibration handle, foldable for easy transport, with dead man’s handle button
  • Hydrostatic drive lever and integrated switch to change centrifugal force
  • Integrated hydraulic parking brake
  • Hydrostatically adjustable eccentric weights allow compaction work on asphalt and on soil/gravel
  • Two hydraulic pumps to support drive and vibration (fast-wearing V-belt systems eliminated)
  • Hydrostatic vibratory shaft drive
  • Two scraper bars for each drum for automatic drum cleaning

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