Super mobile conception:
Due to its special innovative design, the Mobilmix 0.5 can be transported with a minimum of effort. Special feature: No crane is required for loading and unloading of the mixing plant. The two container-formed main assemblies are raised from the truck on their own special supports, before moving themselves into the respective working position. Installation and start-up thus proves extremely simple. The plant comes completely equipped with all features required for fully-automatic production of quality concrete.

  • Compact concrete mixing plant in robust modular design
  • Minimal space requirements, integrated control room
  • Configurable with compartment type silo, or optionally with inline silo
  • Reliable ring-pan mixer from Liebherr, applicable with or without agitator system
  • No concrete foundation necessary, as steel foundation already featured
  • Ideally suited as a building site plant
  • All components easily accessible
  • Specially-dimensioned units to ensure cost-efficient transport
  • Short assembly times

Technical Data

Size of mixer 0,5 m³
Ring-pan mixer R/RIM
Theoretical output in hardened concrete 30 m³/h
Theoretical output in ready-mix   concrete 37 m³/h
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Number of cement types max. 2
Storage capacity for aggregates appr. 16 m³
Number of aggregate components 2-4
Weight of machine container 10,5 t
Weight of aggregate container 5 t
Control system Litronic
Super BCS

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